Joe Wilkinson: My (Illustrated) Autobiography (signed)


My (Illustrated) Autobiography by Joe Wilkinson (signed)

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Here before you is Joe Wilkinson’s brilliantly absurd account of his time on – and briefly off – planet Earth. Through cartoon stories (illustrated by Henry Paker) Joe recounts the defining moments and bizarre encounters of his life – from his schoolboy misfortunes to his formative years on the dating scene, to his money-making schemes and globetrotting adventures. With tall stories including…

-Winning ‘most nits’ at school

-That time I threw a turd into a tornado

-Becoming the bad boy of fly tipping

-The disastrous double date

-My car airbag addiction

-The time I tunnelled too far out of prison and ended up in the prison next door

-The real reason Bigfoot went into hiding…this book is a delightfully absurd journey into the mind of a comic maverick.

Hilarious, heart-warming and utterly unique, Joe Wilkinson: My Autobiography is the off-the-wall life story of one of our most beloved and unorthodox comedians.

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