The Black Feathers


The Black Feathers by Rebecca Netley

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Where ghosts tread, black feathers fall . . . When Annie marries widower Edward Stonehouse and arrives at Guardbridge, his estate on the Yorkshire moors, she thinks she has finally put darkness behind her. She is mistaken . . . Edward’s sister, Iris, still lives in the family home.

A taxidermist and medium, she urges Annie to watch out for black feathers – claiming that they mark the spot where a spirt has visited. At first, Annie dismisses her warnings. But, before long, an eerie almost haunting feeling takes over her.

What exactly happened to Edward’s first wife? Why is Iris so disturbed?And should Annie be watching for signs from the dead – or rather is she the one being watched?SET ON THE YORKSHIRE MOORS IN THE 1800S, THE BLACK FEATHERS IS A GHOSTLY TALE OF MAGIC AND WICKEDNESS.

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